Monday, July 31, 2006

The Big Dance 30th July 2006

Pre Main event entry...

Last night I went out for a meal with a few professional players. I won’t mention their names for media purposes and bragging rights if they win (cough cough). Had a great meal at the Wynn Hotel sampling only the finest of foods and wines the perfect pre event nightcap. I had this beef, forget what it’s called where they apparently massage the cow every day for only the finest cuts when he’s ready for the inevitable. Sorry to any veggies but hey I had a massage this morning and if I could have one every day for free then you could eat me when I’m gone too.

Anyway it was a good buzz and I enjoyed every bit of it thanks for the invite!

Ok today as previously mentioned was go deep within and find myself day. I started of with some aromatherapy then a massage and for 2.5hrs I actually disappeared off this planet into another dimension. The normal process for me to change ‘State’ is either writing these online journals or getting pissed. I find blogging the easiest way to start flowing and always end up with a large amount of text when at first I couldn’t think of anything to write. As a result blogs are a form of therapy for me and a way to put things down for all to see so I can put the thoughts away as they are logged analysed and forgotten.

Getting pissed is my demon and the state it brings is never an enjoyable one as I drink to get drunk too much and have spent too much of my life doing so. My drinking seems to be a sort of self punishment I mean why keep waking up feeling shitty after drinking too much? It baffles me but I go out and do it again and again, time after time! Moderation Ha! another time maybe but not tonight I tell myself maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow comes I feel shit again but it’s not because of the alcohol poisoning my system it’s because I’m sick of drinking and I feel guilty for doing it.

Anyway now that’s out of my system where was I? Oh yes well ermmm it’s been one of those experiences for me this WSOP thing and I feel like I’ve already won. The time I have spent here alone has opened my mind up to allsorts of locked away thoughts and emotions. For all the tilt sessions I must thank the poker gods for this journey as I couldn’t have done it without them. I have been reflecting whilst here about allsorts of things that are important in my life and all of them important things none are related to money.

I have put the effort into utilising this trip to change where I am going and I have made a lot of progress. I have been proud of the way I have prepared for this event, I know I’m not the best player on earth but I have done everything in my power to give a good account of myself. I am, although I might sound contradictory here very happy, in fact I’m over the moon that I have the chance to go and do battle tomorrow in the main event. I realise how lucky I am in life and what I have achieved so far many people would settle for but I want more.

The online Tilt sessions, the bad beats are all behind me, tomorrow will be my opportunity to test myself to see if I can make the right choices. As I said earlier I feel like I’ve already won over myself inwardly now I need to go and….


Finally my quote for the day, and when I look back on this post I’ll try and work out which category I’m in…

***When you're deluded, every statement is an ulcer; when you're enlightened, every word is wisdom.***

Wish me luck…

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Big Dance 29th July 2006

I make my 1st appearance on the WSOP stage Monday and the preparation is going very well at the minute. In fact it’s going so well I feel like David Carradine at the minute - restricted alcohol, plenty of water, early nights and chill chill chill!

So grasshoppers todays quote:
Zen is the game of insight, the game of discovering who you are beneath the social masks.
- R. H. Blyth

Just a quick update for yesterday and today before I go out and chill in the desert heat. Yesterday I woke up after yet another decent night’s sleep glad that the nightmares weren’t really true and I was still in the main event with chips. However, I felt really shitty and light headed so I thought a good walk would clear my head. I managed to get out of the Bellagio heading towards Caesars Palace when I realised I needed the loo. Needless to say a psychological battle ensued as to by the time I got to the elevators whether I was going to shit myself or not.

That was my day in a nutshell so being a positive person I tried to incorporate it into my WSOP prep and yesterday was (interval training). Every time I felt the need to fart, I sprinted to the privacy of my room and pebble dashed the toilet. Ave HR 165 V02 max 170 kcals burned 458.

Determined to get at least something out of yesterday I booked for the Cirque De Soleil Show at the Bellagio for 7:30pm. I managed an hour by the pool and seemed to pick up a little, however by the time I was at my room I started shaking violently and was absolutely freezing I really thought I needed the doctor but decided to have a hot bath that sorted the shakes out, but not the terrible feeling of sickness. I went to the show feeling terrible and on two occasions went to the restrooms and the valets were asking me if I was ok so I must have looked rough. The show honestly made me forget how bad I felt it was amazing unimaginable organisation and 1st class entertainment (don’t ever visit Vegas without going to a big show).

9:30pm I’m in my room feeling ill again so I ordered room service (white wine and Cheesecake) and watched a movie called flight 93 about the Sept 11 flight where the passengers tried in vain to take control of the plane. So a good night sleep required and praying that I feel ok Saturday, a good night sleep, a feckin good nights sleep pah.

I was nick nacked and had no problem dosing of into the abyss of dreamland when I heard continuous knocking at my door, being in my sleepy state it didn’t register until I looked at my clock and it was 2:30am. I go to the door open it and at first don’t see anyone until I look again and there’s a group of girls shouting “hi, is Kirsty in there with you?” I said no as politely as possible to which they reply “yes she is tell her she needs to come to bed”! I nearly shouted ah fekk off but I bit my tongue and dived back into my pit.

Next thing I can hear my mobile ringing it’s now 3:15am and I look it’s a private number calling. Now usually I switch it off here and put it down to someone phoning from UK not realising the time switch. But because of the earlier incident I answer in case it has something to do with Kirsty the disappearing American girl that needs to go to bed. So I press green and say “hello”, the person responds “oh hello do you have a staffy dog called Toshi?” I reply “yes” and he says “oh it’s just that I have found him in the woods and wondered if he had got out by accident”. Argggghhhhhh “ok, I respond politely I will sort it”, and proceed to get the retrieval of my dog organised.

Back to sleep now and the phone is switched OFF. Now here is the pearl of all pearls and for all you people that think I’m naïve for not knowing this trick then I stick my hand up. Yesterday I switched rooms for one with a better view same style room and coffee is still $7 but I have the water display view now. So I have been disturbed at 2:30 and 3:15am what more could go wrong… 4:20 precisely I wake up to RnB blasting out of my alarm clock and to be honest had to laugh because that one took the biscuit. When I leave I am 100% setting my clock for 3:30am for the next unsuspecting punter.

Today I feel good and proud of my discipline, I have not played any casino games nor any poker which I don’t mind but feel like I need a game now so at 2pm for definite the $1000 + 80 MTT in the Bellagio. Booked myself in for a Royal Shave and a haircut pre MTT and I’m going for it. The lady who shaves me was a Russian called Uba and every time I have a cut-throat shave I wonder about the mentality of the person holding the razor. She said she like Europeans so that was a good start and I relaxed a little while she proceeded to prepare me. In the background CNN was on and over here they have just found a lady who killed her four sons by drowning them in a bath ‘NOT GUILTY’ due to insanity. She had planned to do this ffs just inject her and save a few quid. Anyway, I said to the lady this world is crazy and she says “yes society today has gone mad there are too many mad people about”. Again re-enforcing my comfort with the lady with the razor. She adds “My friend used to say when we were shaving clients, don’t you ever think of cutting your clients throat at all?” Needless to say I gripped the arms of the chair for the rest of the shave...

12pm I went to register for the Bellagio £1000 + 80 2pm and when I got to the desk to register the lady took my money and said it’s alternating now sir. What does that mean? It means that they have enough players and you have to wait whilst people get knocked out before you can take your seat. I ask how many players before I get chance and the answer is 21. They reckon a 30min wait and I reckon what a load of bollocks. The levels are 40mins and the blind structure quite good so by my reckoning about 2hrs of valuable table time and analysis gone. No thanks, back to the pool.

I went into the spa and said look I need a good relaxation treatment can you recommend something I am playing in the WSOP Monday. Tomorrow at 11am I am being wrapped in seaweed followed by a massage then raindrop aromatherapy. So if I bust out of the WSOP on Monday at least I will be chilled out…

P.S Just one sprint today so I think I’m getting better!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Big Dance 27th July

Arrived in Gatwick on the 25th for an overnight stay at the holiday inn gatwick and met hawko and his missus clare who were doing the same. Me and hawk decided to have a few beers and generally discuss how good i am at poker and how i always trap him and take his stack... this went on till the early hours whilst slurping caffreys in the bar and watching this bloke make himself look like the only tool in the village...

Arrived for check in the following morning with Virgin Atlantic and luckily for me I had managed to get a premium economy seat which I had pre booked i cant sit in them little seats unless i have one for each bum cheek and 1st class flying was 4.5k ermm no thanks thats a bit too batty. Anyway I always worry when travelling on my own and if i have the right documents etc especially with the American connection - they are so rude at customs cos when the say have a nice day you don't throw $$$ at them. At the minute my luck is running good yes i am a RACK TY so i'm not too perturbed when the lady behind the desk dissapears for 20mins...

Just as my mind starts playing silly games with me she comes back with a smile on her face and says "are you feeling lucky sir" i reply "yes thanks!" and she responds "well you must be because we have just upgraded you to 1st class enjoy your flight, you owe me some flowers". l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l After 3 x glasses of champers a 4 course meal and a bottle of chardonnay i asked the flight attendant if she could turn my seat into a bed oooh the gadgetry! whilst i had a good sleep. As you probably can imagine i am smiling a lot at the minute :) A FLIGHT MADE IN HEAVEN I watched this real funny program with Ricky gervais and Kate winslett as a nun (pure class) I dont think my donkey sounds went down to well but hey...

Met Betfair player Matdamon (emmille) on the flight and introduced myself and also implied that his seat is probably paid for by me, lest we forget. Deejay and his bro Fish1047 cracking pair of lads, top drawer and you just feel a good time is coming your way. I am staying in the Bellagio and Hawko, deejay etc at the RIO where the WSOP is playing so i arranged to go over for a few drinks while we try and stay up as late as possible to adjust our bodies to the timeshift. We are 8hrs behind UK here. Arrived at the bellagio incidentally via a cab driver who reckons in 2003 wsop he took Moneymaker to his hotel so I tipped him well for luck!god they are so good at extracting your money.

The Bellagio, what can I say it is pure luxury period. I have stayed in some good hotels but this one takes some beating. The expense of a place like this is par for the course really even though my 1st glass of chardonnay at $14 did last me longer than it normally would HEHE. The shops the atmosphere the service is 2nd to none and I just couldnt leave it last night so I stuck around and chilled, whilst the lads probably had a good slurp I slipped into my environment like a duck to water mmm time for a coffee wheres the service menu ah here it is coffee $7. Thinks i've had enough coffee for the time being hey this is turning into good detox therapy..

I'm off to the RIO to meet the Pokerstars Team and collect my goodie bag. I am so sad but when they stated you dont get a goody bag if you do not play as a sponsored player i couldn't resist and said OK. I dont mind really promoting a site that I beleive offers good support and service and has an RNG that allowed me a 12k package for $33 just make sure I look good on the final table with all the treatments at Bellagio I will come home looking like a spring chicken.

I feel fresh and really happy with the choices i have made so far, as for the poker I know I can play and I feel I have a good feel for the live game. Everyday in the Bellagio there is a $1000+80 MTT which averages about 300 players maybe this will be my first attempt at war with the Yanks, i'll see if i feel up for it later. Also need to meet the lads Pomo, Dubai, Filth, KP etc and say hello. So much to do here it's mind boggling.

On a final note watched TJ Cloutier on the craps tables with his $25 chips his money lasted a good five minutes. Mike Sexton the TV presenter Ram Vaswani and Stephen Hendry all kicking about the place. A few others who I don't know there names knocking around, will be typical for me as I am not really a name person but i just keep seeing people and thinking where do i know him from. Oh and in the poker room for the 1000 Mtt was last years main event winner Joe Hatchem lots and lots of faces.

So it's a show for me tonight and a chill or the bellagio MTT.. Dunno yet but good luck to everyone in the main event and thanks for all the good wishes.

OK forget the last sentence as I am back editing and adding and earlier today I had the pleasure of meeting Dubai and another Betfair Player who plays online as Racontouer (won the 50k GTD twice recently) for a couple of drinks at the pool. Apparently it's the betfair meet and greet do tonight at the RIO so I plan to gatecrash and have a bit of fun, i'm banned from the forum so lets see if i can extend it to betfair hospitality functions lol.

Just one more thing to add regarding the goodie bag from stars, please help me. OMG I opened it up and there are a few nice souvineers but come on you can't be serious. Honestly, the clothing is piss poor and I have said i'll wear it. I need to contact them asap cos I am not wearing that shit ffs the T-shirts make me look like i have wings. Theres a jacket that makes me regress to the days of Y Cardies maybe even Y fronts. The only thing I could feasibily wear is my bareback with pokerstars Tattood on in henna or even permanent rather than wear this stuff. I am e-mailing for some different clothing as it is stressing me up the thought of it LOL.