Monday, March 12, 2007

I started with the man in the mirror!

Been a while since my last post and I have hardly played any poker at all. In fact to be honest I haven't got the time to play at present, just how did I manage before???

Well it's a long story that I am trying to compress into as little wordage as possible but here goes.

I have had a lot of success in business and continue to do so with ever increasing results. However, there has been a lull in this process and an opportunity for me to re-evaluate my life and make some major decisions. You see, Poker took control of 'me' for a while in every shape and form and I wouldn't have swapped my leisurely lifestyle with anyone. I didn't need to work, I just delegated to the people I thought valued my business as much as I did (he he). Gave opportunity, encouragement and vision of the future to them while I decided I was going to get myself on TV playing poker.

Poker is a game of deceit and cunning and some of the people I have dealt with in business would give any poker player stark insight into the greed and levels some people will stoop to for a few quid. Now where was I? Oh yes....

At 26yrs old I was attacked by a couple of lads with chopped down budweiser bottles as weapons which they used to great effect. One day I stood up looked in the mirror at all the stitches and damage and said "That's it!". I had a vision that day, a mental movie of what I wanted in the future and from that day I set my stall out and I went and got it. When I think back to that day of "That's It!" I can feel how I felt, See what I saw, and hear what I heard when I created the vision of what I wanted. I acheived it by the time I was 29, I realised what I never before thought possible in the space of 3 yrs and It felt better than I can explain.

Poker has taught me another lesson and guided me to where I am today (37yrs young). The blog is 'chronicles of an obsessive recreational poker player'. I had my goals and rode on the buzz for a couple of years after getting them, then the poker filled in the gaps. Something was missing however, the motivation had dissappeared and I couldn't be arsed anymore. Poker was there for me and I escaped reality for 2yrs the reality of not having any goals. No mental movie of what I wanted anymore, no ambition or direction. Slowly but surely the poker playing gnawed away at me and my emotions till I had to have another look at myself and where I was.

I have always beleived that you can have anything in life you just have to want it enough to be able to make the changes to go out and get it. I have made them again and I know exactly what I want NOW.

Business is booming and life couldn't be better. I need to practice my skills so will be using this blog as a workshop and am looking for people to work 'with'. Thanks to poker I have re-routed my Internal maps of the world and I'm ready for anything!

"What do YOU want?"

And be careful what you wish for ;)

I did manage two TV appearances by the way Crimewatch (cough cough) I mean Poker channel :) ...


Blogger dibble said...

it's a fair point tosh - I think most don't actually understand the effort and committment (obsession) that turning a "hmm, it'd be nice to be able to do X" into "heh - I can do X".

gl with the NLP :)

7:58 am  
Blogger razboynik said...

Hi Tosh !
An interesting article. I read about NLP but couldn't put it into practice.
Paul McKenna made a big difference to my life.

9:49 pm  
Blogger the_main said...

Hey there,

We're linking to each other right now. I'm running a free-roll tourny next month in which I'm going to put a percentage of my earning for April towards the pot. It would be cool if you could tell your readers about it and I'd definately do the same if you decide to run a tourny in the future.

Here is a link to my post:

Take care,


5:45 pm  
Blogger Killian said...

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Blogger Poker Me said...

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