Saturday, October 28, 2006

Do not read if Queasy !!

Sorry about the lack of updates of late but I have been ultra busy with my business commitments and other things. However, my head is not lacking poker thought and i shall be applying them to my virtual paper soon.

My best friend & business partner has been playing high stakes cash on BF for as long as me basically, well actually longer. He's the gung ho personality of the two and I much prefer a more methodical approach to certain ventures. Needless to say, he's paid to learn NL poker and I've read books and whatever I can to limit the $$$$$ damage.

The two of us have combined well over the years in business and perhaps the only area we work against each other is on the felt... Here I Introduce DEBIDAX...

It's Saturday night and my girlfriend has took the kids to Cleethorpes for the weekend. I haven't had a drink since the BFWCOP but there is some wine chilling in the fridge. You know the score tonight I am playing some aggressive poker ;)

Anyway DEBIDAX rings me hysterical with laughter trying to gather hiself so he can speak on the phone. Now I can't read into his laugh because it could be anything from losing a 20k pot to well you get my drift - he laughs a lot. OK so he says "Wayne your not going to beleive this but i'm playing two tables". Stop right there here is a Good beat coming - he's just fished a monster on the river type scenario. He continues "and I'm in the middle of two big pots on them after running bad for a couple of hours."
"go on" I reply.
"Well you know when you get that sudden urge for a shite?" Now conjuring up images of my experiences of this scenario in different parts of the world.
"yes, carry on".
"I got the urge, so I take my laptop off charge and run as fast as i can to the toilet not wanting to miss the opportunity of winning a big pot.
"And?" I query...
He starts laughing again uncontrollably... "well I manage to whip my kecks off sit on the bog and releive my bowels of the biggest sloppiest turd you could ever imagine"

So a bit of an anticlimax here I think but he's still laughing his head off. I ask "did you win the pot or pots?" He says "yes I doubled up on both tables!"

"I just wish that I had lifted the bog seat up before I started shitting!"...


Good Luck


Blogger Highstack said...

Absolute class mate - loving that!


11:00 pm  
Blogger Rob Sherwood said...

LOL quality Sir.


4:41 pm  
Anonymous Nibbles said...

Oh god, I think I've just wet myself !

10:58 pm  
Blogger Perpetual_Traveller said...


Did he have 'The Nuts'?

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tosh thats the funniest poker story Ive ever heard, wp sir.


1:48 am  
Blogger the_main said...

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