Saturday, June 30, 2007

Self beleif re-visited

On march 7th 2006 I set myself a goal and placed it in my future (30th June) after a very serious knee injury had seen my weight spiral up to 21st 7lb or 137kg of:

15st or 95kg fighting fit by 30th June 2007

I weighed in this morning at 15st 6lb & fighting fit…

I have achieved so far a total weight loss of 6st 1lb or 38kg.

I calibrated my results today and it’s funny but I always thought I was going to easily achieve what I was setting out to do in. This, although made it seem easier did enable me to relax on the more than the odd occasion. My love for white wine and fine dining definitely got in the way with a few hangovers to boot. However, my outlook changed in many ways and I never once came off track to the extent of giving up. This goal was mine and I was going to get it.

After a while I started to realise that not only could I easily achieve my goal but also I had so many limiting beliefs that had been hindering me all my life – (unbelievable). So I have missed my goal by 6lb but thoroughly enjoyed the ride (with a cherry on top).

Now it’s time to reset my new goal and get that six-pack I never before believed was possible. My self belief has now become my ally from within and life is fantastic.

I have always believed that you can have anything you want in life you just have to want it enough to go out and get it. Weight was the one thing that I was always doing battle with and I have learned so much in the process..

To anyone thinking or struggling with anything:

‘Self-belief is your secret ally. You've just got to be able to turn it on, boost it when you need it most. It’s part of the armoury of all people who achieve great things. To win at anything in life, your greatest battle is with yourself. Your most powerful enemy is within. Your greatest ally is there also. The person who has the weapon to make you win or lose is you. Your weapon is your mind. Your mental approach makes you strong or weak, tough or flabby. Conquering yourself is the ultimate challenge.

Great self-believers have the edge. They carry within a formidable advantage over the average person. They know how to dig deep and muster additional resources and back-up when called to. They never lose. They always live to fight another day. They always come through. Even if you identify yourself as one of the great self-believers, you’ll still be eager to run a check on your current levels to ensure you’re in peak condition! Self-belief is your secret ally. You've just got to be able to turn it on, boost it when you need it most.’

A very happy & grateful

Toshiwonka ----- switched on ;)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Positive Intentions

Every behaviour has a positive intent.. E.g A smoker smokes because they say it helps them relax, concentrate etc..

My positive intent:
I play to test myself and manage my emotional 'state' i.e absorb the beats and play controlled Poker. It to me can be the ultimate test of discipline, and when I come off 'knowing' that's what I achieved then all well and good. I also played to escape boredom which I hate and do anything to avoid.

However, as far as positive intent is concerned and playing to test my discipline poker wise my conclusion is... To test myself and manage my emotions I stopped playing poker. To avoid boredom I found other things of interest to me. Basically I got the same result I played poker for by stopping playing (Discipline) & (New Interests). I found new ways of putting myself to the test in the process e.g Fitness training/Study business ventures etc.

The result:
Sometimes if you have a look at what your trying to achieve 'unconsciously' whether its to chill, escape boredom etc. you may find like I did that there are many other ways of getting that result that are more beneficial to you. I like the fact I can choose to play if I want and test my discipline.

I also like the fact that I have proved to myself I have the power of making choices. The more choices we have available the more flexible we are as human beings.

Sometimes we become so involved in something it overpowers us and we become tunneled as to the choices available to us. It's like standing in the grand canyon looking through a toilet roll with one eye and saying the view is fantastic. Sometimes if we drop the toilet roll theres a little bit more on offer that we couldn't see previously...

This is why I haven't played for over four months till now and I believe I'm missing the buzz from the game I was so obsessed with... I am focusing on some live poker and a little online maybe the odd MTT.

The true test now is to win a major live event :D

Good Luck