Monday, March 12, 2007

I started with the man in the mirror!

Been a while since my last post and I have hardly played any poker at all. In fact to be honest I haven't got the time to play at present, just how did I manage before???

Well it's a long story that I am trying to compress into as little wordage as possible but here goes.

I have had a lot of success in business and continue to do so with ever increasing results. However, there has been a lull in this process and an opportunity for me to re-evaluate my life and make some major decisions. You see, Poker took control of 'me' for a while in every shape and form and I wouldn't have swapped my leisurely lifestyle with anyone. I didn't need to work, I just delegated to the people I thought valued my business as much as I did (he he). Gave opportunity, encouragement and vision of the future to them while I decided I was going to get myself on TV playing poker.

Poker is a game of deceit and cunning and some of the people I have dealt with in business would give any poker player stark insight into the greed and levels some people will stoop to for a few quid. Now where was I? Oh yes....

At 26yrs old I was attacked by a couple of lads with chopped down budweiser bottles as weapons which they used to great effect. One day I stood up looked in the mirror at all the stitches and damage and said "That's it!". I had a vision that day, a mental movie of what I wanted in the future and from that day I set my stall out and I went and got it. When I think back to that day of "That's It!" I can feel how I felt, See what I saw, and hear what I heard when I created the vision of what I wanted. I acheived it by the time I was 29, I realised what I never before thought possible in the space of 3 yrs and It felt better than I can explain.

Poker has taught me another lesson and guided me to where I am today (37yrs young). The blog is 'chronicles of an obsessive recreational poker player'. I had my goals and rode on the buzz for a couple of years after getting them, then the poker filled in the gaps. Something was missing however, the motivation had dissappeared and I couldn't be arsed anymore. Poker was there for me and I escaped reality for 2yrs the reality of not having any goals. No mental movie of what I wanted anymore, no ambition or direction. Slowly but surely the poker playing gnawed away at me and my emotions till I had to have another look at myself and where I was.

I have always beleived that you can have anything in life you just have to want it enough to be able to make the changes to go out and get it. I have made them again and I know exactly what I want NOW.

Business is booming and life couldn't be better. I need to practice my skills so will be using this blog as a workshop and am looking for people to work 'with'. Thanks to poker I have re-routed my Internal maps of the world and I'm ready for anything!

"What do YOU want?"

And be careful what you wish for ;)

I did manage two TV appearances by the way Crimewatch (cough cough) I mean Poker channel :) ...