Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Beware the scumbags of the online Poker world!

Played after a bit of an argument and wine lost 1500 on 10/20 playing like an absolute muppet, my problem when i've had beer is i dont beleive anyone but expect them to beleive me!

Sunday played 3 x £60 sixpacs 1st one three of us left i am short stacked 1300 in chips chipleader moves all in i call with KQ he shows k5 and hits his three outer :( nay probs lets crack on i say to myself. next one early in the tourney i limp with j 10 flop comes Q92 rainbow player in BB bets 60 i re-raise to 120 everyone folds to BB who calls. turn brings an 8 and i think with the way he's been playing (BAD) i can get his chips in the middle so i make a bet of 120 into the pot which is now round the 440 mark and BB re-raises to 400 i only have 783 chips left so i cant get the chips in quick enough.. he calls and has Q9 for two pair and a 9 drops on the river for beat number 2.

Third = straitforward fingers in cookie jar defeat. Cant do anything about them but here it has all started. £300 6pac moved with 33 called by 10 10 at the latter stages but no tilt and felt comfortable so i entered another £300 then a £120 and cruised to victory in both

Tuesday 3 x £300's and 2 x £90's all unplaced - not beats but card dead feel like everything is against me like they can see my cards!! £120 now and place 2 i think i gave it away tbh thats my thoughts dunno maybe a little tilt. continues into 6pac after 6pac defeat defeat .. play cash and win 2k then blow £2750 cos ive had too much to drink omg what's happening here im like a broken record on this blog i've blown £2800 total in two consecutive saturdays.

Now it has got worse and worse and worse beat after beat, i mean so bad it seems surreal. The one consolation at the minute is my chips are going in whilst im in front but its still a pisser. Ive switched back to cash and have steadied away and absorbed some damage from the six-pacs but one strange thing is happening at the minute. I am keener and more determined than ever to become better more successful player. I have a few railbird followers who like to abuse me when i'm playing but in the cyber world if that's what gives them kicks then GL, they need help..

I hit a set of A's today and thought my luck was changing, my 5 x bb raise of £40 was called and the player managed to get his chips in before me on a flop of A 3 K he showed K 4 and the turn was a 2 followed by a 5 on the river to complete his straight. I have to laugh here because If i put down all the outdraws the hosts at the blog centre would have to open a new server to store my beats.

Anyway onwards and upwards, today I played Stt's and cash and again covered my bad run on the Stt's with my cash game. However later, the cash game went the same way, if i get KK and raise and get a lovely looking flop of mixed cards i find myself having to fold because one of the tables rocks has tried getting me all in (oooer time to get away). Time for some reflection i think I cant just keep playing i'm becoming paranoid of anything on the board again. I consider myself a good loser and never critisise peoples play it's their money and their choices, again if im in front when the beat comes all the better feeling for me and my game and if i'm behind well thats cricket.

I played a £300 six-pac the other night and two players who pretended not to know each other were colluding on the table blatantly, i knew they were friends and I take offence to people trying to rob my of cash that I have earned and choose to risk. They know who they are they are lowlifes who got very personal with me about family members etc. Real sad people who claim to be poker players (well lads i'm afraid not) you are theives and sometimes theives rob the wrong people and it comes on top for them. I argued online for two nights with them on the cash tables (there was a method behind my madness) so i could log the (chat) and was laughed at by some players who seemd to want to lick their arses for some reason. It was funny cos i was winding them for a reason and they slipped out of character on a couple of occasions letting anyone know with any brains that the were cheap dirty colluders who rob a good percentage of already decent folk and some losing players money online by unfair means... They chipdumped towards the end of the six-pac and still nearly got beat by me HU, and one of the accounts they are using belongs/belonged to a respected player in the betfair community..

Best of luck at the tables, I am back with a the same attitude and vigour abeit improved from last update and hope all the honest genuine folk out there can spot these cheats and take their money....

Anyway my Betfair account of last post was £13,545.67 Now it's £11,572.34 Backwards at the minute :( But if it was that easy we'd never have a beat to complain about..

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I think the ladies really do 'Love Me'

Well a hell of a lot has happened in the last 11 days and I’ve been avoiding blogging because once I start I cant stop all sorts of stuff starts popping into my head and a short blog turns into another long one !!!

I’m playing this one pretty general and no specific details of hands etc. well maybe a couple; we’ll see how it goes. First of all I am playing Six-Pac tournaments regular and I have been having a lot off success and fun whilst doing so. They are very entertaining, beatable, and allow you to make some real plays and get your Poker head right into the job. Got a spreadsheet for STT analysis of the forum Maths Guru Smart Money that I want to start using but at the minute my bank is telling me the ROI is pretty good. I have still played cash and had some decent results so things are looking pretty good at the moment. Oh and I’ve also had an agreement with the missus about my poker playing (more details shortly).

Entered the Six-Pac CPC MTT qualifier with 6 seats GTD to the $1000 + $50 main event and placed fourth so Friday/Saturday was my chance to qualify and go to the Caribbean. Had a real good solid start then lost half my stack on a bluff where I had to bail out when the other player put me all-in. Gradually built up my stack to about 6k and came across AJ in the BB, everyone folds to the SB who has about 6k who makes it 3 x BB to call blinds were 300/600 I think. I smooth call and the flop comes with no help for me, player X checks so I make a bet of around half the pot to try and take it away player X has a different idea and re-raises me all-in. Ouch he’s put my tournament on the line and all I have is over cards to the flop, so here is an imminent fold coming. However as I go to move my mouse I click on all-in/call button by accident and in the split second thought Oh F*****G NOOOOOOOO, then had to rub my eyes in disbelief when he shows 6 2 off suit and was stone cold bluffing his tournament away LMFAO and I doubled up UL GG WP.

Players on the table were typing ‘great call’ but must have been thinking ‘idiot’ I know I would have. A while later I made a call because I thought the player was trying to desperation steal the pot and I called with A9 there was a 9 on the board and a flush draw that I didn’t have him on but he was representing, he mucked and I was cruising to a seat. Later with nine of us left I was now quite short stacked and needed to make a move while everyone was in survival mode apart from one player who was just trying to bully all and sundry on the table. I was severely card dead and made a few moves here and there eventually picking up A 10 the Bully made it his normal 4 x (BB) or I want to take the pot without contest bet and I moved all in with my A 10 which looked like AA I must admit. I haven’t come here to shy away from a call but pray if he calls my 11k stack my cards are ‘live’. He calls and shows AJ and a rivered J adds to the pain and sees me out of the tourney in 9th place and my Caribbean dream is over. UL GG WP.

With hindsight maybe I could have waited till I had chance to be the raiser but it’s over now and I am gaining more and more experience in tourney’s. All my best wishes for anyone going to St Kitts.

Went to Mandylou’s £200 + £25 NL freezeout tournament last Saturday and met some fellow betfarians although I had a real bad migraine the night before and was left with the horrible feeling that they leave you with that actually lasted while about Tuesday. Anyway came third in the tourney, again was card dead, so having to make the odd move here and there to stay up with the quickly increasing blinds. I’m on the button with 97 off blinds 1500/3000 3 of us left and I make it 15k to go the small blind announces “re-raise” oh shit, he then re-raises to 30k making it another 15k for me to call, I don’t hesitate and quickly add another 15k to the pot. Flop comes A 3 6. Now I’m gambling that he’s got a PP or obviously no Ace, and have decided that the A is mine so I move all – in for the rest of my stack representing the A, he calls and shows AQ geeerrrrrmp… oh well that’s poker 3rd place paid £700 and made for a good entertaining HU match won by Diddly £1500 and runner up The Nun £900. Another well organised event from the Ponte connection GG.

The hand of the day award goes to Kinghawko LOL
I limp in the pot with Ah 6h and couple more callers hawko calls I think OTB. Flop comes with 2 x hearts and I bet out everyone folds round to Hawko who looks at his cards and calls. Turn brings a heart and I check my nut flush, hawko says “I’ll have to make a value bet” and throws 2k into the middle, I flat call. River then brings another heart and I bet out 5k hawko calls and throws the Jack of diamonds 3 of clubs onto the felt and says “Oh my god I thought it was a heart”. Please don’t be fooled by this behaviour, it’s a one off but a classic Total Poker move gone wrong TY UL GG WP Hawko..

Again still recording very good Six-Pac results and only one losing boozing session last Saturday I did about £1300 playing under the influence, not cricket I know but hey the other 6 nights were booze free so I’m getting there. The other night I jumped on a $10/20 cash 10 seated table and was losing about $300 when INSIDEEDG joins the table and I get AQ and raise to $80 now when I say I can’t miss I cant miss and I am hitting everything on the six-pacs so I’m feeling good on the cash table. Anyway EDGE re-raises to $550 I’m thinking mmm edge sometimes does this with ATC but he might just want me away, I have to go away now, do I? Do I hell I re-raise all-in and he types ‘didn’t wanna see that’ phew I think he’s folding or he’s calling with crap. He calls and has AK geeerrrrrrrmmmmp flop brings no joy, turn a brick and the river yes the river a beautiful sexy lady yes a QUEEEEEN on the river UL GG WP. Bad play gets rewarded my table image is Toshi (maniacal moron fish) Wonk is at it’s peak best and EDGE is busy chatting away calling me all the names under the sun, to which I’m saying TY etc. and would you rather have been re-raised by AA ? Anyway I think he’s been running cold lately and he was very UL.

Leads me on to last night played a bit of cash won £600 and a few six-pacs won about £300 and bring on the £300 six-Pac and INSIDEEDG. What can I say I have played 3 x £300 six-pacs won one, 2nd in one and 6th in the other I’m in the mood but I have had a couple of glasses of wine or was it bottles. Couple of hands in and EDGE is playing in the odd pot I’m folding away till I find QQ in the BB EDGE is OTB and raises to 90 chips I debate whether to flat call or re-raise thinking it’s a good chance I’m in front and he might be in I’ll get you back you fish mode. I proceed to re-raise to 180 chips and EGDE moves all-in. Ok here’s my warped thinking AA KK no way probably AK middle pair to JJ maybe, you know the any excuse to call thinking mode, I call. EDGE shows AA and that beautiful sexy lady yes a QUEEEEEN turns up to save me again, OUCH UL EGDE I really did feel for him there, I wasn’t sorry not for a minute but could empathise with how he must have felt. He was left with about 60 chips and played real aggressive poker and managed to build his stack back up to 600 and odd chips then he raises all in and I call with my beautiful sexy lady’s yes 2 QUEEEEENS this time and take him out.

I have looked for him today on the cash tables and hoped he was winning a nice few quid so I could have a bit of banter, I found him on the cash tables about 1k up so hopefully it’s swinging back round for him, but I didn’t comment might do when he’s winning about 5k - GL Mr Wolfe..

Anyway my Betfair account of last post was


And today it’s


Think I might be spending some more time playing and I have the backing of the missus (no joke) the exciting compromise is to follow shortly!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

These are always going to be quick updates!

Well just a quick update as I like to keep it going at least on a weekly basis and its coming up to 2 weeks on Friday.

Strange enough that I can’t really post my weeks or fortnightly earning / losses only guess this time. Funny how when you win you know exactly how much but when you lose or when I lose it’s a different kettle of fish.

Lost £1200 one day and the next day I was playing two £5/10 tables and on one table I was solid as a rock on the other I was gambling, it was like I was using one tables profits to gamble on the other table. Anyway needless to say on the solid table I won £1800 and on the gambling one I lost £1800 FFS. The £1800 loss was both all ins on nut flush draws that missed leaving me scratching my Barnett once again.

In future I think its best to work from what I have invested in my poker accounts at the minute and then withdraw or deposit as and when is necessary. Today in my betfair account I have £8250 and in my Ladbrokes account that I have opened I have $2000 while I try it out. I like to have a minimum 5k in my betfair account and my normal process is to (try) building it up to 15k then withdrawing 10k.

Last Friday night I entered a ‘live’ £750 double chance freeze out tournament in Sheffield and held my own with some of the UK’s top rated tournament pro’s which gave me a huge ego boost. I didn’t know any of them apart from the celeb types i.e. Greco, Mad Marty Wilson etc. which suited me cos I wasn’t in awe of anyone and just played my game. After 8hrs and my short stack all in with KJ being called and beaten by the table’s rock with AQ I went home placed 13th very pleased with my performance and my management of dismal cards all night. B4MATT another betfair player actually won the event £16800 he was the one pointing all the pros out to me, WP Matt GG.

I have found that I am a much better player live than online, I just seem to play more solid poker. I am not passive in anyway but I tend to be able to lay hands down a lot easier on the felt than when I have a mouse in my hand. The experience of playing this tourney, (I play live regular small stakes BTW) has given me an edge to look for online and I need to tighten up my game instead of taking unnecessary risks sometimes and blowing my stack. The thing I noticed is that ok we have beats and they are part of the game but beats + Bad play = Negative Expectation and I am fully aware of the concept of minimizing losses so I need to apply it to my poker.

Last night I entered the CPC Sixpac $130 qualifier for the 6 Seat GTD ST Kitts package on betfair and won my place in the $1000 + $50 final on Saturday at midnight so I am going to concentrate on qualifying and keeping off the beer on Saturday L .

Tonight I put my discipline into practice and jumped on two £5/10 cash tables and played a solid game which saw me showing after 45 mins a steady profit of £600 that I fully intended to hold on to. I made some pretty big lay downs for my normal style and was concentrating on building up nice and steady when the missus came in with the kids the dog and everyone else that could fit into my office. Needless to say in a matter of 5 minutes flat I had blown the profit plus another £600 so in total £1200. I had to just leave the table it was a bad call by the player IMO (I would say that now wouldn't I) but terrible play by me, I just wasn’t focused and paid the price.

Anyway here goes.

----- HOLE CARDS -----
Dealt to Toshiwonk [8c 8d]
luckyjimm: calls £10
PUNTER63: calls £10
StuBlue: raises to £50
Toshiwonk: calls £50
luckyjimm: calls £40
----- FLOP ----- [6d 3s 5h]
luckyjimm: checks
PUNTER63: checks
StuBlue: bets £212
Toshiwonk: calls £212
luckyjimm: folds
PUNTER63: folds
----- TURN ----- [6d 3s 5h][3h]
StuBlue: bets £180
Toshiwonk: calls £180
----- RIVER ----- [6d 3s 5h 3h][6h]
StuBlue: checks
Toshiwonk: bets £1030.50 and is all-in
StuBlue: is all-in £612.84
Returned uncalled bets £417.66 to Toshiwonk
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Toshiwonk: shows [8c 8d] (Two Pairs, Eights and Sixes, Five high)
StuBlue: shows [Qh Qd] (Two Pairs, Queens and Sixes, Five high)
StuBlue collected £2221.68 from Main pot

5 minutes earlier I would have got away without a blemish but in the heat of the moment I played like a complete prat yet again and gave my profit plus VAT. I can’t explain any of it it’s just total bollox , shite play… I should have checked on the river at least but hit the all-in instead, I mean he thought he was up against something hence the check but I should have …………. …………. I just thought the board was scary enough for me to take the pot down ………………. Come and get me that’s all I can say…

Apart from that everything is fantastic at the minute... I’m back on the mat training Brazilian Ju Jitsu, walking/Jogging 5/6 miles every other day and I have a lot of control in my life at the minute as my fitness levels get back up and apart from the odd bit of muppetry my poker roll builds up.

P.S I think i'm invincible on six-pacs at the minute and will be concentrating on them more as well as talking shite...